Patient Education

Patient Classes and Groups

Living Well with Chronic Conditions: In this six-week workshop you learn skills to help you or someone you care for carry-out normal daily activities and deal with emotions that chronic conditions bring about.

Living Well with Diabetes: This six-week workshop gives you skills to help you deal with diabetes or care for someone who has diabetes. Topics include measuring blood glucose, nutrition, exercise,  and how to prevent complications from diabetes.

Living Well with Chronic Pain: In this six-week workshop you will learn the skills to help you live with chronic pain. Topics include medications, describing your pain, and how to do gentle exercise.

Nutrition Kitchen: A four-week nutrition and cooking class taught by an OSU Extension nutrition teacher. In this class, you will learn about low-cost healthy cooking, reading and understanding food labels, and shopping on a budget. A healthy dish is prepablack and tasted by class members each week.

Walk with Ease: A six-week class to get you walking and moving!  In this class, you will meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about 2 hours. You will learn how walking and gentle movement can help with arthritis.

Quality of Life: An eight-week provider led class for people living with persistent pain. Each week’s topic is full of information and tools to help you to feel more confident and more in control of your life and pain. The information and tools build on each other so it is best to come to all 8 sessions.

Sleep School: For those who have trouble sleeping and want to get back on track. Sleep school will help you create a sleep plan and review ways to naturally get much needed deep sleep.

ADHD Skills Group: This is a 3-part class to help parents understand ADHD and develop skills to support their child(ren) at home and at school. The parent group runs at the same time as a separate class for children with ADHD. The group for children will help them develop skills to improve life at home, in the classroom and with their friends.