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Mary Wells, LCSW

Additional areas of interest: Neuroscience of treating chronic pain, non-pharmacological pain management from a behavioral health perspective.
Sites: System

Education: Bachelor’s Degree from University of California Santa Cruz, and Master’s in Social Work (MSW) from California State University at Fresno.
Languages: English

I am very happy to be at Mosaic where we strive to treat patients as whole people. I am committed to educate and empower people in persistent pain to know and utilize multiple techniques and tools to manage and possibly reduce their pain. I have taken numerous trainings on persistent pain and how to treat it using movement, breathing techniques, conscious awareness, diet, and neuroplasticity. I am grateful to have this knowledge and training to share evidence based clinical treatments for chronic pain in a primary care setting, and be a resource for both providers and patients.

Outside of work I enjoy horseback riding, especially in the mountains. I love daily walks, cross country skiing, making music, dancing, gardening and cooking.