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Keith Ingulli, PsyD

Credentials: PsyD (Licensed Psychologist); Behavioral Health Consultant

Areas of expertise: Anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, substance use, chronic pain, health behaviors, parenting skills; Experience working
in various contexts including primary care, community mental health, schools, group homes, and wilderness.

Additional Areas of interest: Ecopsychology/Ecotherapy, Primary care psychology, Health psychology.

Site: East Bend

Education: Doctorate of Psychology from Pacific University with Specialization in Health Psychology; Master of Science in Counseling Psychology
form Lewis & Clark College

Languages: English

Working at Mosaic allows me to collaborate with a team of dedicated and passionate providers in order to best support positive change and increased wellbeing.
I am passionate about the BHC model and its focus on helping an expanded number of patients get access to behavioral health care.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two children, laughing with friends, backpacking, mountain climbing, playing music, running,
biking, traveling, and attempting to be fully present.