Q & A: Mosaic COVID-19 Treatment

The information below—provided by Jessica LeBlanc, MD, MPH and Mosaic’s Chief Health Officer—includes answers to commonly asked questions regarding the assessment of or treatment for COVID-19. Responses include links to relevant scientific papers.
Q:  Can Mosaic providers prescribe Ivermectin for treatment or prevention of COVID-19?
A:   No, this is not effective, and can have potentially harmful side effects. More information:
Q: Can Mosaic providers prescribe hydroxychloroquine for treatment or prevention of COVID-19? 
A:  No, this is not effective, and can have potentially harmful side effects. More information:
Q:  Can Mosaic providers prescribe monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapy for treatment of COVID-19?
A:   Yes. Mosaic providers can prescribe subcutaneous injections of mAb therapy for eligible patients at our Redmond and Madras clinics. Eligible patients can also be referred by their Mosaic provider for intravenous infusion treatments of mAb therapy through St. Charles Health System.
Note: mAb therapy is also known by the medicine name REGEN-COVTM (Casirivimab and Imdevimab), which is manufactured by biotechnology company Regeneron®.
Q:  Can Mosaic check for COVID-19 antibodies?
A:   We are not currently checking for antibodies to COVID-19, or antibody levels.
Note: Antibodies are the cells that fight infection. Specific antibodies develop for specific diseases after a vaccine or after exposure to the disease. If you have been exposed to COVID-19, or if you receive a COVID-19 vaccine, then you will develop antibodies to the virus.
Reasons that we do not test for COVID-19 antibodies:
  • There are a variety of COVID-19 antibody tests to choose from, and many of them have a high percentage of false positive results (show that a patient has antibodies when they really do not) and false negative results (show that a patient does not have antibodies, when they really do).
  • We do not have any data on how long the COVID-19 antibodies last in a patient, and this may vary from patient to patient depending on exposure and COVID-19 variant.
  • We do not have a reliable COVID-19 antibody test in the community at present that we can order or interpret with proper sensitivity and specificity.
  • Regardless of the results of a COVID-19 antibody test, the clinical management in primary care will not change. If you have been exposed, the COVID-19 vaccine is still recommended since we have evidence that the vaccine will further boost a patient’s immunity to the COVID-19 virus.



Creando enlaces / Creating connections

In English

Como tantas otras experiencias en la vida de Zoe, sus visitas médicas eran excluyentes.  Su madre podía comunicarse a través de un intérprete en español, pero Zoe, quien tiene 9 años y es sorda, no tenía a nadie que dominara el idioma que ella recientemente había aprendido: el lenguaje a señas de los E.E.U.U.

¨Fue difícil para ella estar quieta durante sus visitas y trataba de huir¨, dijo su madre, Gladys.

Gladys sabe un poco del lenguaje a señas y asiste a clases para aprender más, pero no le podía transmitir todo a su hija en las visitas.

¨Yo descubrí el idioma que utiliza Zoe cuando estaba repasando su expediente médico antes de nuestra primera consulta¨, dijo la Dra. Abby Hendricks.  ¨Sentí que era crucial tener un intérprete de lenguaje a señas para que Zoe pudiera participar en sus visitas tal cual como cualquier otro niño¨.

La Dra. Hendricks se comunicó con su compañera, Jacquie, especialista del acceso lingüístico, quien trabajó con su equipo para encontrar un intérprete de lenguaje a señas para estar en persona en la consulta ese día.

Una vez en la consulta, juntas abordaron varios desafíos pendientes por mucho tiempo.  Ya era hora de que Zoe empezara con un medicamento para su diagnóstico reciente del Trastorno de déficit de atención e hiperactividad y abordaron otros asuntos de la conducta y de la nutrición.  También hablaron de dificultades con la comunicación en casa, y la Dra. Hendricks identificó tecnologías de asistencia para explorar.

Su primera consulta duró dos horas y pudieron seguir captando la atención de Zoe.

¨Tener a un intérprete de lenguaje a señas hizo una gran diferencia¨, notó Gladys.  ¨No sabía yo que fuera posible antes de esta consulta¨.

Le encantó a la Dra. Hendricks ver que Zoe pudo participar en su consulta como parte de su equipo médico por primera vez.

¨Cuando nos conectamos de verdad, es posible salir adelante, ¨ dijo la Dra. Hendricks.  ¨Me da mucho orgullo ser parte de un equipo que puede facilitar tal interacción. ¨


Zoe y su mamá, Gladys.

La Dra. Hendricks (izquierda) y Jacquie en el centro de salud escolar de Mosaic en Redmond High.


Mosaic Capital Campaign: Madras Health Center

Supporting Madras Health Center opening Spring of 2022

Architectural rendering of the exterior of the Madras Health CenterAs you might have seen in the news, Mosaic Medical and the Jefferson County Health Department have partnered to build a new health center in Madras – scheduled to open next spring.

Since 2006, Mosaic has served the Madras community, making basic medical services more accessible to an underserved portion of the population of Jefferson County. During these 15 years, the need for our services has grown along with our ability to provide more essential services. With these expanded services in mind, we did not hesitate when Jefferson County approached us to share in the construction of a new, larger building with the Jefferson County Health Department, to be built on land donated by St. Charles Madras.

In this new building, Mosaic will be able to double our medical exam room space, provide much needed additional space for Mosaic dental and behavioral health services and offer a new, low-cost Mosaic pharmacy available to the entire community. We will also be able to support many of the same low-income clients as the Health Department in one convenient location, steps away from specialized medical services like labs and x-rays that are often difficult for our patients to access. This location also means that the hospital can easily refer patients to our primary care, dental, or behavioral health services, freeing up the emergency room for the most urgent and critical of cases.


Three Dental Chairs
Pharmacy (non-Mosaic Patients can access)
Nutrition Classes in Shared Community Room (other partners welcome!)
13 Medical Exam Rooms
Two Behavioral Health Rooms
Virtual / Drive-up Care

One goal for the new health center is that community members will feel like they have a health home. With St. Charles and the County Health Department right there on the same campus with Mosaic, intertwined with walking paths and epic views, our hope is that all patients and visitors will feel welcome.

Check out our digital brochure for an interactive look at our new health center!


We could not be more grateful for the financial support we have received from Jefferson County and the State of Oregon, but we cannot make this project happen without the help of our community as well. To ensure that the new Mosaic Madras Health Center comes to fruition, we must raise $5.4 million. To date, we have already raised $4 million and are seeking private grants and donations for the remaining amount. We are currently meeting with community members all throughout Central Oregon to garner their support.

Should you, your company or your organization like to know more about getting involved in this life-changing health center, please contact Emily Boynton at donate@mosaicmedical.org.


Mosaic Volunteer Program Launched

This guest blog comes from Isabella Birnie, Development Assistant and volunteer liaison at Mosaic Medical. Isabella earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a Minor in Nonprofit Development and Administration from Boise State University. She joined Mosaic in early 2021.

Volunteers at a Mosaic COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Bend.

Mosaic volunteers and staff at a COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Bend. Left to right: Volunteers Sue Carrol, Richard Brodsky, Karen Brodsky and Mosaic Development Assistant Isabella Birnie.

In April of this year, Mosaic launched a volunteer program to assist with COVID-19 vaccination efforts at our Courtney Clinic. We partnered with Deschutes County, Volunteers in Medicine and First Interstate Bank to get the huge effort off the ground.

There were 12 volunteers onsite for each of the 35 vaccination clinics held at Courtney. Over a quarter of participants volunteered more than once, with some coming in multiple times a week. In total, volunteers filled more than 500 shifts.

Volunteers handled excited, nervous, worried, and ecstatic patients with grace. One volunteer reveled in witnessing the sheer joy and excitement that the vaccination brought to recipients. This included young people who could resume socializing with friends and grandparents finally able to visit new grandchildren, for example. Other volunteers enjoyed donating time for deeply personal reasons. One volunteer said they connected to “The mission – being a part of the most important effort at the moment in our county (and country).”

Thank you to volunteers from Mosaic Staff

Below are comments to volunteers from Mosaic staff who worked directly with them:

“We could not have been more grateful to all of the wonderful volunteers! All of you were always energized and spoke kindly to the patients and staff. Everyone was quick to change and adapt as we perfected workflows. Without each and every one of you I’m certain our vaccine clinics would not have been as successful.”  – Amanda King, Medical Assistant Supervisor

“Thank you all so much for taking the time to help us at the COVID-19 vaccine clinic. It was always nice to come in and see your smiling faces. We couldn’t have done it without you all!” – Cori Burger, Medical Assistant

‘Many people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world.’ (Eduardo Galeano) Thank you to all the volunteers for helping us fight the COVID-19 threat. We could not have done it without you!” – Atziri Calderon Nunez, Medical Assistant.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Mosaic Medical volunteer, email volunteer@mosaicmedical.org or click here to fill out the application.



Medical Exemptions to the COVID-19 Vaccine

A message about medical exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine from Jessica LeBlanc, MD, MPH and Chief Health Officer at Mosaic Medical

It is very rare that a patient qualifies for COVID-19 vaccine medical exemption, in fact patients with chronic diseases are highly encouraged to receive the vaccine.

If you have had a documented allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine or the components in the vaccine, then this would warrant a medical exemption from the vaccine.

However, only two to five people out of a million appear to have a severe allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. This equates to anticipating that only one person in ALL of Central Oregon (population 250,000+) would qualify for medical exemption.

If you are concerned about having a reaction to the vaccine because you have other allergies, or you have had a sensitivity to a different vaccine in the past, then we can give you recommendations on pre-medication to take before receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

People who have cancer or a decreased immune response due to disease or medications should still get the COVID-19 vaccine. They are not allergic to the vaccine.

The risk of getting a side effect from the vaccine is far lower than the risk of getting severely ill from COVID-19 when you are unvaccinated.

At Mosaic Medical, a request for a medical exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine involves a thorough review of your health history as well as a document history of a diagnosis to support an exemption. Patients need to have an appointment in order to review this information with their provider. An appointment to address this does not guarantee a letter will be written for exemption.

Please do not make an appointment to request a medical exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine unless you have had a documented allergic reaction to the vaccine or components in the past.

Mosaic Medical, as well as other health care providers in the community, will continue to follow the CDC guidelines and FDA guidelines on medical exemption criteria as outlined above.

The CDC has information on each vaccine and which patients are exempt:





FAQ: When to vaccinate after COVID-19 illness

How long should I wait after being ill with COVID-19 to get the vaccine?

Mosaic Medical providers recommend waiting four weeks after recovery* from a COVID-19 infection before receiving a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

*According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person with COVID-19 may leave isolation ten days after symptoms first appear and after a period of 24 hours with no fever (without the use of fever-reducing medications) and other symptoms are improving. Loss of sense of taste and smell may persist for months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation.

If you have had a severe illness from COVID-19 (defined as requiring hospitalization, admission to intensive care unit, intubation, or mechanical ventilation) you may require an isolation period of up to 20 days. When you meet the criteria to discontinue isolation (as defined by your provider) you will then be eligible for vaccination.


What if I tested positive for COVID-19 but don’t have any symptoms?

If someone does not have any symptoms of COVID-19 and tests positive for the virus they can receive the vaccine at any time. The screening questions for the vaccine ask whether or not someone feels ill on the day of the immunization. If someone feels ill, they should postpone receiving the vaccination.


What if I tested positive for COVID-19 and received monoclonal antibodies?

Those who received monoclonal antibodies after testing positive for COVID-19 must wait 90 days to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.


Should I get tested to see if I have recovered from COVID-19?

The CDC does NOT recommend testing for COVID-19 recovery and Mosaic Medical does not offer this service.


People Who Are Immunocompromised and COVID-19 Vaccines: FAQ

People who are moderately to severely immunocompromised make up about 3% of the adult population and are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 because they are more at risk of serious, prolonged illness.

CDC recommends people who have compromised immune systems should receive an additional dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine at least four weeks after the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

Who needs an additional COVID-19 vaccine?

Currently, CDC is recommending that moderately to severely immunocompromised people receive an additional dose. This includes people who have:

  • Been receiving active cancer treatment for tumors or cancers of the blood
  • Received an organ transplant and are taking medicine to suppress the immune system
  • Received a stem cell transplant within the last 2 years or are taking medicine to suppress the immune system
  • Moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency (such as DiGeorge syndrome, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome)
  • Advanced or untreated HIV infection
  • Asplenia (absence of a spleen)
  • Autoimmune conditions (like psoriasis) treated with Humira, cyclosporine, or similar medications
  • Active treatment with daily steroid medication or other drugs that may suppress your immune response

I meet the criteria. How do I schedule an additional dose of the vaccine?

If you meet any of the above listed criteria, then schedule for a third dose. The criteria will be reviewed with you at your vaccination appointment to make sure you are eligible. Here is how to schedule:

Can I mix and match vaccines?

For people who received either Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, a third dose of the same vaccine should be used. No one should receive more than three vaccine doses. If the type of vaccine received for the first two doses is not known, either Pfizer or Moderna may be administered.

What if I received the J&J/Hanssen vaccine?

The CDC’s recent recommendation only applies to mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna). There is not enough data at this time to determine whether people who are immunocompromised who received Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine also have an improved antibody response following an additional dose of the same vaccine.

Questions about whether you meet the criteria?

If you have questions about the criteria, please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or the primary specialist involved in your care.

Where can I find more information?

Visit: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/recommendations/immuno.html

This information has been adapted from content sources: National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), Division of Viral Diseases and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Cooling Centers in Central Oregon

En Español

Updated 06/28/2021 at 4 p.m.

Bend Cooling Centers

  • First Presbyterian Church (230 NE 9th Street, Bend); Saturday and Sunday, June 26, 27 and July 3, 4 from 12-5 p.m. Pets are welcome.
  • Shepherd’s House (275 NE 2nd Street, Bend); Monday through Friday, June 28 – July 2 from 12-5 p.m. Pets are welcome.
  • Church of the Nazarene (1270 NE 27th St, Bend); Monday, June 28 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Open to children and families.

Redmond Cooling Centers

  • NE 17th and Greenwood (Redmond); Open June 28, 29, and 30 from 2-6 p.m.
  • Mountain View Fellowship (1475 Southwest 35th Street, Redmond); Open June 28 – July 2 from 12- 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Pets are welcome. A CET bus will pickup at NE 17th and Greenwood at noon for transportation to Mountain View Fellowship. A return bus will depart Mountain View Fellowship at 5:45 p.m. No pets allowed on bus other than service animals. Masks required on bus. Transportation also available via Dial-a-Ride.

Madras Cooling Center

  • Madras Free Methodist Church (976 S. Adams, Madras); Open daily starting Saturday, June 26 through July 4 from 12 – 5 p.m. Transportation will be available at the corner of 4th and Maple (behind Sonic) at 11:45 a.m. daily. Pets are welcome.

Prineville Cooling Centers

  • Crook County Public Library (175 NW Meadow Lakes Drive, Prineville). Open Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Closed Sunday.
  • Craig’s Compassionate Café (780 E 1st Street, Prineville). Open daily – including Sunday – at 10:30 – 11:00 a.m. and open until the men’s shelter opens in the afternoon. The women’s shelter is always open.
  • Eastside Foursquare Church (3174 NE 3rd Street, Prineville). Opens Tuesday, June 29. Operating Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Juniper Canyon Baptist Church (9180 SE Juniper Canyon Road, Prineville). Open Monday – Friday from Noon – 8 p.m.
  • Choices Recovery Services (357 NE Court Street, Prineville). Open daily from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.

La Pine Cooling Center

  • 16430 3rd Street, La Pine. Starting June 28. Open daily from 12 – 5 p.m. (pending availability of volunteers).

Want to help?

  • Donations of water, electrolytes and sunscreen will be accepted at the cooling center locations during open hours

Centros de refrescamiento en Oregón central

Actualizado el 28 de junio, 2021 a las 4 p.m.

Centros de refrescamiento en Bend

  • Iglesia First Presbyterian (230 NE 9th Street, Bend); sábado y domingo, 26 y 27 de junio, y el 3 y 4 de julio; de 12 a 5 p.m. Está permitido traer mascotas.
  • Shepherd’s House (275 NE 2nd Street, Bend); lunes a viernes, desde el 28 de junio al 2 de julio; de 12 a 5 p.m. Está permitido traer mascotas.
  • Iglesia del Nazareno (1270 NE 27th St, Bend); el lunes 28 de junio; de 10 a.m. a 4 p.m. Abierto a niños y familias.

Centros de refrescamiento en Redmond

  • Esquina de NE 17th y Greenwood (Redmond); Abierta 28, 29 y 30 de junio; de 2 a 6 p.m.
  • Fundación Mountain View Fellowship (1475 Southwest 35th Street, Redmond); de lunes a viernes, del 28 de junio al 2 de julio; de 12 a 6 p.m. Está permitido traer mascotas. Un bus público estará recogiendo gente en la esquina de NE 17th y Greenwood a las doce del día para transportarlos a la fundación Mountain View Fellowship. Otro bus partirá desde la fundación a las 5:45 p.m. para regresar. No se permite traer mascotas en el bus, a excepción de animales de servicio. Se debe usar mascarillas en el bus. Hay transporte disponible también vía Dial-a-Ride.

Centros de refrescamiento en Madras

  • Iglesia Madras Free Methodist (976 S. Adams, Madras); A diario, comenzando el sábado 26 de junio hasta el 4 de julio; de 12 a 5 p.m. Habrá transporte disponible en la esquina de las calles 4th y Maple (detrás de Sonic) a las 11:45 a.m. a diario. Está permitido traer mascotas.

Centros de refrescamiento en Prineville

  • Biblioteca pública del condado de Crook (175 NW Meadow Lakes Drive, Prineville). De lunes a viernes de 9 a.m. a 6 p.m., los sábados de 10 a.m. a 4 p.m., cerrado los domingos.
  • Craig’s Compassionate Café (780 E 1st Street, Prineville). Abierto a diario, incluido los domingos, a las 10:30 – 11:00 a.m., y abierto hasta cuando se abren los refugios para hombres en la tarde. El refugio para mujeres permanece siempre abierto.
  • Iglesia Eastside Foursquare (3174 NE 3rd Street, Prineville). Abre el martes 29 de junio. Estará abierta los martes, miércoles y jueves de 8:30 a.m. a 4 p.m.
  • Iglesia Juniper Canyon Baptist (9180 SE Juniper Canyon Road, Prineville). De lunes a viernes de 12 a 8 p.m.
  • Choices Recovery Services (357 NE Court Street, Prineville). Abierto a diario de 8 a.m. a 9 p.m.

La Pine Cooling Center

  • 16430 3rd Street, La Pine. Abierto a diario a 12 – 5 p.m. (si hay voluntarios disponibles).

¿Desea ayudar?

Se aceptarán donaciones de agua, electrolitos y bloqueador solar en los centros de refrescamiento durante sus horas de apertura.


Walk-In Hours at Mosaic for COVID-19 Vaccine

En Español

Updated: 8/30/21
Update: Walk-in hours ending; APPOINTMENTS REQUIRED beginning Monday, Aug. 30, 2021.


Online: bit.ly/MosaicVaccine

Text: Send “Schedule vaccine” to 458-203-1535

Call: 541-383-3005


Última actualización, 8/30/21

Actualización: Dejamos de atender sin cita previa. SE REQUIERE CITA a partir de lunes, 30 de agosto del 2021.

Para programar cita:

En línea: bit.ly/MosaicVaccine

Por texto: Mande el texto “Programe una vacuna” al 458-203-1535

Por teléfono: 541-383-3005



Media Release: Mosaic Now Offering COVID-19 Vaccines to Anyone Ages 12+

Update: Walk-in hours ending; APPOINTMENTS REQUIRED beginning Monday, Aug. 30, 2021.
Text: Send “Schedule vaccine” to 458-203-1535
Call: 541-383-3005


Contact: Bridget McGinn, Communications Manager

Tel: 541.408.3327; Email: hello@mosaicmedical.org

Mosaic Now Offering Free COVID-19 Vaccines to Community

All Central Oregonians Ages 12 and Older Eligible

Bend, Oregon, May 12, 2021 – Mosaic Medical, a nonprofit community health center serving Central Oregon, is now offering free COVID-19 vaccines to all community members. All Central Oregonians (Mosaic patients and non-patients) age 12 and older are eligible to walk-in or schedule to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Walk-ins are currently welcome at our Courtney Clinic in Bend (see below for hours). Additional walk-in hours for our other clinics will be shared online soon.

Youth ages 12-17 are eligible to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine only, offered at our Courtney Clinic in Bend.


Mosaic Medical Courtney Clinic

2577 NE Courtney Dr. Ste. 100

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

8:30-11 a.m. and 1-2 p.m.


Appointments at our vaccine clinics throughout the region may be self-scheduled online at mosaicmedical.org. If you need assistance, text 458-203-1535. Students interested in scheduling appointments for high school vaccine clinics may schedule online at mosaicmedicalpediatrics.org.


Saturday, May 15

Riverbend Park in Bend

9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Community Vaccination Clinic – no appointment necessary – Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine – youth ages 12+ welcome


About Mosaic Medical:

Mosaic Medical is a nonprofit community health center that serves Central Oregonians from all walks of life. Through a network of 15 clinics, we offer integrated health services that address each patient’s medical, dental, behavioral health, nutrition and medication needs. Our care is never influenced by how much money our patients make, what language they speak or the status of their insurance coverage. Mosaic Medical provides quality care for all.